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As the COVID-19 curve continues to peak Doctors, Physicians and Healthcare professionals at the front line are managing a surge of critical patients requiring successful airway management.

At TAMS - PENTAX Medical, we are prepared to support healthcare workers this global pandemic by providing them with safe and readily available Fiberoptic Laryngoscope, bronchoscope & intubation scopes. The scopes are available in both standard & portable versions, Portable intubation scopes.

We hold pride in catering one of our best video scopes which is marked as India’s Top ENT - Endoscopy System DEFINA Epk-3000 with i-Scan image enhancement technology.

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Our Solutions

* These packages are suggested for the critical patients, additional solutions can be created and tailored to your need.

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Readily available solutions for Laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy & intubation


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